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Corporation(click here to begin)

A Corporation is a company that is authorized to act as a single person and recognized as such in law after meeting certain legal requirements. Corporations are owned by their stockholders/shareholders who share in profits & losses generated through the Entity's operations. (READ MORE)

Limited Liability Company(LLC) or Partnership(LLP)(click here to begin)

A LLC is a Limited Liability Company. These offer a business owner a large amount of flexibility. The owner of an LLC can have many of the same legal and liability protections available to corporations, but corporate formalities are very relaxed. The major exception are loans and obligations (i.e. leases) personally guaranteed by an owner. These will remain a potential liability of the owner despite the LLC status of the business.(READ MORE)

Seller Permit/Reseller License(click here to begin)

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Business License(click here to begin)

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